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Drug addiction and what I’ve found on the subject
August 2, 2013, 7:00 pm
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I have been asked to please continue blogging by many readers, concerned that my schedule for this has been somewhat lacking.  So, with that said, I’ll begin a regular schedule about emerging patterns and unhealthy habits … and even sometimes the extraordinary steps that addicts will go to, to continue injecting, while claiming ignorance about the facts.

After a five-year tenure as Sanctuary House’s Executive Director, it has given unique insights into tall-tale signs of an addict using,  I hope to share, each week, more of the signs, suggestions to some of the questions asked of us, as a long-term sober living facility and the adaptation of our hands-on approach.

Fist and foremost, as the father of two grown sons, a short message to parents.

If your child, whether he be 16 or 65 has more than a peckish flirtation with drugs, then the strategy for intervention is very different and often comes with a realization that the “continued financial assistance” is NOT helping, but rather giving the addict a temporary reprieve from responsibility or accountability. This is a vicious cycle that will continue until the parent is at their wits end or something major in the situation that forces the problem to the forefront, usually serious injury or death.

Sometimes, as parents, we are forced to admit that with the best of intentions for our children, tough decisions must be made.  In some cases, the decision to allow your child to hit bottom is as painful for the parent as the child.  My message first goes to mothers.

All mothers are incredible gifts to the world.  You endure incredible pain to bring life to your son/daughter and it is a pain that a mother must make for the sake of her family.  The same holds true to save the life of that child.  The painful, but necessary step often will be a pivotal moment in the difference in the destruction of the addiction or the destruction of the child, never knowing the missed opportunities that come with a child that has beaten this plague.

If the primary goal of any parent is to save their child and if early intervention is no longer an option, the addict finds himself caught up in a system that is driven by the amount of insurance that the addict has, rather than the level of care needed to assist in preventing relapse after relapse, transforming the 30-day rehab into an “alternate plan” when things don’t go as the actively using addict expects.  This, without a doubt leads to an expectation that 5, 10, even more visits is simply a part of the process, while precious time is lost and deterioration of the addict’s physical health, as well a steady march into increased psychological/mental issues that continue, if left unchecked.

Please feel free to ask your questions, online.  Meanwhile I’ll continue to share valuable information from the “front lines” of the battle for lives in the war of addiction.  Please feel free to visit our website to donate, to continue our mission of saving children and those that seek help.

Jared C. Cashner, CCR

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