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Just something funny from Sanctuary House crew
April 30, 2013, 11:30 am
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Well, I just learned a valuable lesson… all places, the drive-thru of Burger King. When the girl at the drive thru asks you what size milk shake you want, with “what size do you like”?>…..don’t answer with…..”Well, what size are you?”>>>>>>> Ya just might regret going over a size medium… I soon found out, when I got to the window. She said,”Damn glad you didn’t order a larger, ..cause I was up in here waiting for you…..”….. I’m choosing my words more carefully in the future, since I almost ended up with a 250 lb bride ……wow, that was close…..funny thing is I’ve been home for more than 20 minutes and I’m still laughing……I’ll sleep well tonight,,,,,,now, leave me alone while a laugh some more.
Also, Thursday, May 9th, Sanctuary House is thrilled to have Ms. Cathy Craig calling BINGO in the gardens of Sanctuary House Thrift
2133 N. Andrews Ave
Wilton Manors……..seating is limited.  Call 954-882-8363

A Bingo and Pizza Party
April 20, 2013, 12:26 pm
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Sanctuary House is happy to announce our :”Bingo under the stars” night and pizza party, hosted by Ms. Cathy Craig. $15.00 for ten games and show. Seating is limited, so purchase your tickets early. Sanctuary House Thrift Store and Gardens. 2133 N. Andrews Avenue Wilton Manors 
For more information, call 954-336-5800.